Collection of invoices in France

With this package, your French buyers can settle your invoices via Trade Company Finances, easily and without bank fees. Payment times are met and the risk of unpaid invoices reduced.

Furthermore, you receive a bulk transfer for the total amount cashed from all buyers at set dates along with a breakdown by invoice. This enables you to reduce bank fees on transfers substantially and manage your cash in real time.

Our role includes registering invoices and credit notes, issuing and submitting for acceptance one or several bills of exchange per invoice, cashing of payments in a designated bank account, sending reminders for late payments, collecting unpaid invoices, etc. However, we do not handle commercial disputes.

  1. Day-to-day duties

  • Register and send invoices and credit notes, with no minimum amount required
  • Issue and send to acceptance one bill of exchange per invoice (or several with staggered maturities)
  • Cash bills of exchange and cheques in a designated bank account
  • Credit payments in accounts receivable and transfer the amounts cashed to you
  • Remind buyers of late payments, collect unpaid invoices
  • Report to you per each invoice so that you can easily control your buyers’ account:
    • Reception of a bank transfer, cheque or accepted bill of exchange with or without maturity extension
    • Deduction on payment, request for credit notes
    • Delivery refusal, non-compliant goods
    • Notice of an unpaid cheque or accepted bill of exchange, and later their settlement
    • Buyer in receivership or liquidation
  1. Occasional duties

  • Send listings:
    • List of invoices: pending credit note
    • List of invoices: unpaid cheque or accepted bill of exchange
    • List of invoices: blocked settlement – pending delivery slip or other information
    • List of invoices: invoices in dispute, in litigation or under legal proceedings
    • List of invoices: buyer in receivership or liquidation
  • Send on request :
    • List of payments received (subject to collection) by maturity date, so that you can easily control your buyers’ delay in payment
    • “BUYERS” accounts established in compliance with the provisions of the French general chart of accounts and tax rules applicable in France, or simply a position that only includes unpaid invoices, non-deducted credit notes and partial settlements.

As an option, you can bill your French buyers with the Value Added Tax (VAT) included. In our role as tax agent, we file the mandatory monthly forms on your behalf and immediately recover the VAT on invoices for goods and services issued by your French service providers.

  • “DEB” (déclaration mensuelle globale d’échanges de biens) or the Exchange of Goods Declaration between European Union Member States prepared on behalf of companies in the European Union. Your French buyers are thus exempt from individually sending this document to the Directorate-General of Customs and Indirect Rights (Direction Générale des Douanes et Droits Indirects)
  • “TURNOVER” monthly recap of business transactions carried out in France sent to the Tax Office for businesses (Centre des Impôts des Entreprises), with payment of VAT, where applicable, to the French Public Treasury within required deadlines. We must be in possession of the amount due, as French banking regulations formally prohibit us from financing in any form whatsoever and/or advancing cash to pay VAT

This full invoice management package relieves your accountancy department from the arduous and meticulous duty of day-to-day control of the “BUYERS” accounts. Your managers are free to devote themselves exclusively to developing your client base and increasing your turnover.