Set-up and management of a subsidiary company in France

We perform all of the formalities and procedures required by French legislation on your behalf to set up your subsidiary and ensure full management under the supervision of our Chartered Accountancy Firm.

Set-up of a subsidiary in France

Set-up of a subsidiary in France in the form of a limited liability company (Société à Responsabilité Limitée or SARL) or possibly a different legal form (Entreprise Unipersonnelle à Responsabilité Limitée or EURL – a limited liability sole proprietorship, Société par Actions Simplifiées or SAS – a simplified stock corporation, Société Anonyme or SA – a corporation), with your head office registered at our offices. This eliminates rental fees and avoids signing a lease that would bind you for 3, 6 or 9 years.
List of services:
- drafting of by-laws
- filing of documents with the Tax Office (Recette des Impôts)
- company registration with the Business Procedures Center
(Centre de Formalités des Entreprises)
- publication in the Official Journal (Journal d’Annonces Légales)
- declaration with the Commercial Court Registry (Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce) and the Official Bulletin of Civil and Commercial Announcements (Bulletin Officiel des Annonces Civiles et Commerciales or BODACC)

Comprehensive management of a subsidiary in France

We relieve you of all administrative, accountancy, tax, legal and financial duties. Your only concern is to develop your business potential and boost your competitiveness.

  1. Invoice Management

  • Management of “BUYERS” accounts : entry in the accounts and sending of invoices and credit notes, issuance and submission for acceptance of one or several bills of exchange per invoice, collection of payments in a designated bank account, reminders for late payments, debt collection for unpaid invoices, etc.
  • Optional subscription and management of a credit insurance contract (declaration of turnover, payment of premiums, supervision of credit approvals, submission of disputes, etc.)
  1. Accountancy

  • Books entries and general accountancy under the supervision of our Chartered Accountancy Firm
  • Preparation of a monthly or quarterly accounting position under French standards or IFRS by our Chartered Accountancy Firm
  • Preparation of the subsidiary’s closing balance sheet, including financial statements, by our Chartered Accountancy Firm
  • Settlement of supplier invoices, cooperative advertising participations, business collaborations, year-end discounts
  • Supervision of exceptional expenses
  • Control of below-cost sales
  • Monthly recap of stock based on goods purchases and sales
  • Physical inventory of goods twice a year on 30 June and 31 December under the supervision of our Chartered Accountancy Firm
  1. Tax services

  • Filing and payment of taxes (VAT, business tax, corporate income tax, etc.)
  • Drawing up of the monthly Exchange of Goods Declaration between European Union Member States called a “DEB” (déclaration d’échange de biens)
  • Drawing up of the monthly Exchange of Services Declaration called a “DES” (déclaration d’échange de services), listing the services billed to companies in the European Union
  1. Employee administration

  • Calculation and payment of the commissions due to each sales representative
  • Issuance of employees pay slips and payment of wages
  • Declaration and payment of social security contributions (Urssaf, French pension funds, etc.)
  • Annual declaration of social security contributions (DADS, Urssaf, French pension funds, etc.)
  • Drafting of documents related to the termination of employment (Pôle-Emploi (unemployment office) certificate, certificate of employment, full and final settlement, and others)
  1. Legal services

  • Drafting, modification, termination of employment agreements (employees, managers, sales representatives)
  • Preparation of Annual Ordinary and/or Extraordinary General Meetings: notification of partners and/or shareholders, drafting of management reports, resolutions and minutes, publication formalities
  • Filing of annual financial statements with the Commercial Court Registry (Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce)
  1. Finance

  • Bank relations, opening of one or several current accounts (in euro and/or other currencies), remittance of cheques and bills of exchange (cashing/discount), control of debit/credit transactions, lines of credit, transfers of funds, etc.

The advantages of this package…

  • A single, experienced contact who listens to your needs and who solves the problems related to having operations outside your native country
  • Drastic reduction in operating costs, social contributions and overheads expenses (Reduction of overheads expenses, Reduction of bank fees, Liability)
  • Comprehensive assistance with day-to-day administrative red tape
  • Responsive, adaptable structure with flexibility at any time
  • Option to terminate your contract with a three month notice before the annual renewal date