Joseph Héraief founder of Trade Company Finances

JOSEPH HÉRAIEF, with his accountancy degrees in hand, began his career in sales with a steel trade company before being appointed Regional Secretary General of an employers’ organisation.

A few years later, his career led him to the banking sector, where he held different administrative and sales positions.

With his move into finance, he was recruited by a factoring company, where he was appointed Sales Director for France and eventually for Italy as well.

During his relations with foreign manufacturing managers, they described the challenges they faced with exports, in particular to France. Attentive to their concerns (storage of goods, payment method or deadlines, etc.), he identified the needs of these entrepreneurs over time and began thinking about a number of projects.

As such, he came up with the idea of setting up an entity that could offer these manufacturers flexible, responsive and professional assistance. In 1988, he founded Trade Company Finances, with financial auxiliary legal status.

Today Member of the Compagnie des Conseils et Experts Financiers (Association of financial experts and consultants), we are also partners with the bank Crédit Industriel & Commercial / Paris.

Taking part in the expansion of foreign companies in France is our goal. The skill of our Head of accountancy and client account management, who have been with the company for 10 and 20 years, and the efficiency of our services have established a lasting partnership with our members. If they succeed, we succeed.

We offer every company the same in-depth and tailored service, irrespective of size. Our performance is based on our ability to adapt to each structure.

Seasoned traveller and curious by nature, Joseph Héraief has always been involved in the world of business. In addition to his professional obligations at Trade Company Finances, he has worked actively with employers’ organisations. As Director he currently represents MEDEF PARIS, with a number of labour-management organisations, such as Opcalia Idf (official joint professional training collection organisation), Arfp (regional organisation for professional training) and Apagl (organisation for universal rental risk guarantees), after his directorship with the Paris Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (Family Allowances Fund) and ASSEDIC (unemployment office).

Moreover, he has gained extensive expertise through his participation in a number of inter-professional organisations and his election as judge to the Conseil des Prud’hommes (Labour Court) of Paris, which he naturally uses for the benefit of the members of Trade Company Finances.